Milestones and Growth Spurts - 2015 Mid-year Review

How is it even possible that 2015 is already halfway over? If 2014 was the time of planting seeds and taking new roots, then 2015 has definitely been the season of tilling and of cultivation. For Veak Ceramics, this has been a year of milestones. In the short 18 months that Veak Ceramics has called Denver home, this city has been a catalyst for great growth in business, artistry, community, and vision.

After a full holiday production season, 2015 kept rolling right ahead! This January, creator/owner of Veak Ceramics, Sarah Veak, bravely launched into the craftsman world as a full-time potter. It has always been a dream of Sarah’s to pursue clay as a full-time occupation, and making the decision has finally allowed her to devote all of her time to Veak Ceramics. It has provided her the space, at last, to pour her energy into her craft without having to disperse her attention to other obligations. Sarah has found the life of a full-time potter to be more difficult yet more rewarding than she could have ever imagined.  

2015 has also been full of partnering with a beautiful growing creative community in Denver. With a desire to connect with others and bridge the gap between maker and aesthete, Veak Ceramics has formed bonds with a supportive gang of artists, craftsmen, and designers throughout the Denver area. 

One highlight of this communal growth took place in June. Veak Ceramics collaborated with The Craftsman and the Apprentice, who offers a space where creativity and imagination is encouraged throughout all ages. While sharing an evening with several local artists and vendors at the C&A Spring Equinox Market, Sarah was able to perform a demo at her potter's wheel for local kids in the neighborhood. It was pretty magical for all parties involved. Among offering an exciting exhibit of pottery creation, that night also established an instant friendship between Sarah and Delanie of C&A. Their collaboration has laid a foundation for building upon the deeper vision behind Veak Ceramics. 

The vision: Veak Ceramics desires to stand out in the craftsman world by not only producing enduring functional wares, but by also serving as a vessel for bringing beauty and goodness to the world. The heart here is community. Whether it is over morning coffee or an evening meal, Veak Ceramics carries hopes of fostering a sense of togetherness. There is a methodical calming routine that goes into the craft of ceramics. Every piece that is put to use reminds us of the hands that made it. In a time where busyness and hectic schedules take over, it is refreshing to be brought into spaces that encourage moments of quietude and familiarity. It is in these moments that we are given the chance to pause and appreciate the intention behind our morning coffee, or the intricacy of the hand-made mug we are drinking it out of. 

This spring, several external sources picked up on the profound vision behind Veak Ceramics. Sarah was interviewed and featured in two coffee magazines, as well as an artist portrait short film. Each of these pieces are humbling and exciting to be a part of, as they have given story and voice to the often veiled heart and passion of Sarah's ceramic production. 

As 2015 continues to blaze ahead, Veak Ceramics will continue to create pieces that urge us to slow ourselves, to open ourselves to the gift of togetherness and nourishment that ceramicware can bring. Whether it is through various shows throughout the country or by connecting with local shops, vision and direction will be continually cultivated, community will be built, and the creative process will be in an endless state of molding and shaping as the year unfolds for Veak Ceramics. So many thanks to all of you who have made this year one for the books!

Below are some highlight photos of 2015 for Veak Ceramics. Keep watch for upcoming previews of Sarah's West Coast business and travel ventures this summer!    

Other shows in the Denver area this spring included: 
//Denver Flea at Bindery and Blake
//Pop-up Sale at Thump Coffee. 

Storytelling and Documentation of Veak Ceramics
//Sprudge Magazine - Ceramics on Fleek
//Fresh Cup Magazine - Behind the Cup
//Wild Bridge Films - Artist Portrait and Community Brunch

Story and Photos by Jennifer Elrod

Sarah Veak