Matte White Mug with Yellow and Red Accents

Matte White Mug with Yellow and Red Accents


We are over the moon for this mug. It's crisp and white, yet punchy with red and pale, yellow accents. The one finger handle helps create the perfect balance in your hands. We can only imagine the happiness it will bring to your morning coffee ritual. 

This mug was wheel thrown with a light stoneware. A red and yellow slip was applied prior to carving a line into the yellow surface, creating extra dimension. The mug was finished with a matte, white glaze on the outside and a satiny, white glaze on the inside. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe but we encourage hand washing as much as possible!

Diameter at mouth: 3 1/4" Height: 4" Length with handle: 5" 


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