Matte White "Diner" Mug with Red Accent

Matte White "Diner" Mug with Red Accent


This mug is inspired by a diner mug but we gave it a contemporary twist. The handle fits two fingers comfortably and the narrow bottom nestles nicely in your palm. We hope this mug will create just enough nostalgia and excitement.

This mug was wheel thrown with a light stoneware. A red underglaze was applied to the lower portion of the mug, leaving a small area exposed to the raw clay. The mug was finished with a matte, white glaze on the outside and a satiny, white glaze on the inside. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe but we encourage hand washing as much as possible!

Diameter at mouth: 3 1/2"  Height: 4"  Length with handle: 4 1/2" 

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