Large Dark Navy Tumbler

Large Dark Navy Tumbler


This tumbler is one of several that can be mixed and matched with our other work. The shape is simple and feels very comfortable in your hand. It is great for both hot and cold beverages alike!

This piece was wheel thrown with a light stoneware. A dark navy slip was applied to the piece before carving out horizontal lines. It is finished in a shino glaze on the outside and a satiny, white glaze on the inside. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe but we encourage washing by hand as much as possible!

Diameter at mouth: 3" Height: 5" 

* Please NOTE: Due to the nature of this glaze it may be very white in some areas and more smokey/black in other areas. In the above picture you can see the slight differences to give you a better idea of what your piece will look like

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